The West Coast’s Largest Polar Bear Ride

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Polar Bear Run 2014 artwork (small).jpg 2014

30th annual saw 600 riders, who were blessed with dry, but cool weather.

Polar Bear Run 2013 artwork.jpg 2013

500 riders enjoyed the ride on a day that was dry, but below freezing.

Polar Bear Run 2012 artwork.jpg 2012

Partly cloudy and in the mid- to upper-40s. We had over 600 riders.

The Polar Bear Run was first run in 1985. Its beginnings were modest, but over the years has turned into one of the most attended rides in the State of Oregon. Here you will find a brief history of the Polar Bear Run and the artwork for nearly every one. Click on the image for a larger view and information on the artist (if available).

Polar Bear Run Artwork 2011(2).jpg 2011

Nearly 300 riders enjoyed clear skies, but cold temps.

Polar Bear Run Artwork 2010.jpg 2010

Over 200 riders rode in the rain with temps in the mid-40s.

Polar Bear Run Artwork 2009.jpg 2009

Only 180 riders rode the 25th annual ride. It was 50 degrees with lots of rain.

Polar Bear Run 2008 Artwork.jpg 2008

560 riders enjoyed upper 40s and partly sunny skies.

Polar Bear Run 2007 Artwork.jpg 2007

365 riders on this cool, but mostly dry day.

Polar Bear 2006 Art.jpg 2006

It was wet, but 182 riders had a nice ride and got a great lookin’ shirt.

Polar Bear 2005 Art (Flyer).jpg 2005

Typical Oregon weather. 220 riders braved the condi-tions and enjoyed donuts.

Polar Bear Run T-Shirt 2004.jpg 2004

Snow. Freezing Rain. But 38 brave souls supported the 20th annual Polar Bear Run.

208 riders showed up in 2003. Must have been raining. Some stayed home.

Polar Bear Run 2002.jpg 2002

We had 280 riders in the year following 9-11. The first year for a colored shirt.

Polar Bear Run 2001.jpg 2001

Great weather. About 700 riders made it a record breaking year. Sold hats too.

Polar Bear Run 2000.jpg 2000

First ride of the millennium. Another great year, but the details are sketchy.

Polar Bear 2003 Art.jpg 2003


Celebrating the 35th annual!

2018 Polar Bear Run Artwork.jpg 2018

Blessed with dry roads, sunny skies, and mid-40s. 375 riders enjoyed the day.


The ride in 1999 celebrated a 15-year run for the Polar Bear.

The first collectible

T-shirts were sold at the 1998 Polar Bear Run.  

Gary Larson provided the idea for this artwork.

Few details. Clearly we liked the artwork, because we used it a second year.

520 participants represent-ing about 40 clubs enjoyed the 1995 run.

It was a good year, as we hosted 305 riders on the New Year’s Day event.


In 1993 we had 103 riders and passengers on the run.

Over 400 participants enjoyed a 60 mile run to Pizza Express in Oregon City.


First year that three routes were offered. The ride ended at Woodburn Pizza Hut.


This year’s ride ended in Newberg at Abby’s Pizza.


There were 69 that rode the ‘Macho’ route that ended at Sunshine Pizza in Wilsonville.


57 riders and 26 passengers participated in the 4th annual Polar Bear Run.

Polar Bear Run artwork.jpg 1998
Polar Bear Run artwork.jpg 1997
Polar Bear Run artwork.jpg Polar Bear Run artwork.jpg 1987

There were 87 participants that ended the run at the Flight 97 Restaurant at the McMinnville Airport.


Year 2


Year 1


38 degrees with occasional showers. Yet, 142 brave souls road the Polar Bear.

2016 Polar Bear Run Artwork (large) 2.jpg 2016

A dry 40 degrees with a cold east wind did not deter 400 riders from enjoying the ride.

Polar Bear Run Artwork (large).jpg 2015

Very cold! Dry, but in the mid- to upper-20s at the start. We had 350 riders.

2017 Polar Bear Run artwork.jpg